Stand Up Paddling

Stand up Paddling, also known as SUP-ing, is one of the most exciting sports today, while at the same time very relaxing and meditative.

If you're able to stand on firm ground, you'll be certainly able to paddle on a SUP-board. You'll be "walking on water". Nothing comes close to experiencing the sunset on your SUP-board. And while gliding through calm sea you'll be overtaken by a sense of meditative peace.

While paddling on your SUP-board You are completely overtaken by "the moment", and you become "one" with the nature in the perfect standpoint, water under your feet.

There is something special in the sense of freedom and strength you feel when you're standing on a SUP-board. Take our word for granted, just step on the SUP-board and in just five minutes you'll become addicted to it.

Let stand-up paddling grab you. Discover the adventurer inside you.

Become a "paddler".

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